Little Havana Art Tour

Tour details:

Discover the Art of Little Havana on a guided tour

Unlock the rich artistic heritage of Little Havana with our comprehensive art tour. From captivating murals adorning the streets to hidden galleries showcasing the finest local talent, this journey will immerse you in the neighborhood’s vibrant creative landscape.

Immerse yourself in the rich cultural tapestry of Miami’s Cuba through our informative Little Havana Art Tour. Explore the neighborhoods vibrant murals, captivating galleries, and charming outdoor alleys brimming with artistic expression.

Get a closer look at Calle Ocho’s captivating art scene with our expert tour guide, who specializes in Little Havana’s rich cultural heritage. Experience the vibrant colors, detailed murals, and fascinating stories that define this unique neighborhood.

Highlights of our Little Havana Art Tour include:

Guided visits to renowned Cuban art galleries showcasing diverse mediums and styles.

In-depth discussions on the historical and cultural influences behind the artwork.

Exclusive access to the colorful Rooster Alley Gallery adorned with captivating art pieces.

Uncover the hidden gems of the local art scene in outdoor spaces and learn about the cultural influences and historical significance behind the artwork.

Witness the larger-than-life murals that transform the  alleyways and buildings of Little Havana.