Top 10 Things to Do in Little Havana: A Complete Guide for Visitors

From the nostalgic charm of its early days to the culinary delights of modern Little Havana, this ethnic enclave is a mix of the past and present. A visit to Miami is incomplete without experiencing the rambling colonial heritage and history of this unfettered discovery.

Ready to take a tour? Don’t worry; Little Havana has something for everyone. To make the most of your visit, we’ve listed a few things to do in Little Havana. Visit these places, and craft your magical travel to this exotic place!

1. Viernes Culturales

A public event of Little Havana, involving gallery walks and free street plays, is held on the last Friday of each month. This event has been running for more than 20 years and is commonly known as ‘Cultural Fridays.’During this event, the streets transform into open-air galleries with local artists playing their compositions. The event starts from noon and continues till 11 p.m. in the night. A stage is set up along Calle Ocho between 13th and 17th Avenues, exhilarating the Latin-Caribbean culture.On this day, restaurants, galleries, bars, and shops open late. Here, street performances abound, making people dance and live music, enabling them to enjoy the Cuban culture.

2. Immerse in Art at Galleries and on the Street

The choke full of cultural art displays appease art lovers in and around Little Havana. Those seeking a stroll through Little Havana can visit Calle Ocho, an eclectic art and research center. Apart from this, the Futurama 1637 Building also serves over 42 international and local artists, engaging communities worldwide.Events like ‘the Cafe con Arte exhibit,’ ‘the Umbrellas of Little Havana festival, free art classes, etc, are held, showcasing unique artworks. A few other best places to visit in Little Havana include Obrapia Fine Arts, Mildrey Guillot, Kontempo Art, and Molina Fine Art Gallery.Also, the deco-style movie theatre featuring ‘Tower Theater’ and ‘The Agustin Gainza Arts and Tavern’ celebrates the kaleidoscope of creativity. This invites the exploration of diverse narratives to their enthralling neighbourhood.

3. Celebrate ar the Calle Ocho Festival

An iconic street that notes the dramatic contrast between luxurious high-rise towers and the quaint villages sounds like the pulsating carnival at Calle Ocho. This vibrant celebration held annually in Little Havan’s neighbourhood transforms the colour of sound and music.From rumba music coming out of the shops day or night, people playing dominos in the park, roosters crawling to the flamenco dancers who modify the jazz, or the classic bananita daiquiris, every local flavour of the multicultural heritage is incorporated in this place. The spirited salsa of the Ball and Chain, with the array of mouthwatering empanadas, adds a majestic aroma to this place.If you’re still thinking about the best things to do in Little Havana, you should click your photo with the funky and themed sculptures scattered along the sprawling roots of the ceiba tree of Flagler Street.

4. Enjoy Azucar Ice Cream

The fresh serving of Cuban ice cream from the neighbourhood’s most famous Azucar ice cream company can help you beat the heat of Miami. Regarded as the best ice cream shop in Little Havana, Suzy Batlle’s ice cream shop includes various flavours. The mix of these flavours includes Maria crackers, vanilla, cream cheese, guava, nutmeg, and cinnamon flavours. Another most important thing that draws visitors to this place is the artisanal sorbet boutique served in the memory of Abuela. With a passion for ice-cream confections, Azucar prioritize all-natural ingredients, sourcing sweet platanos maduros and ruby red mamey from Los Piñarenos fruit.Moreover, all house-made good stuff come from locally-grown seasonal items available at South Florida farmer’s markets. If you are still not satiated, try the rum-spiked flan ice cream from Azucar!

5. Watch how Cigars are made

With the increasing love for hand-rolled cigars, folks in Little Havana regard it as more than a luxury product. The profound significance of Cigar represents the olfactory senses intertwined with the island’s identity, history, and craftsmanship. These cigars are made from trees grown across the lush tobacco fields of Pinar del Rio.Renowned for its economic importance, these cigars serve as a quintessential symbol of Cuban identity. Since 1994, Cuba Tobacco Cigar Co., a family-operated business, has carried this rich tradition of cigar making. Even with five generations of experience, the company is still upholding its commitment to producing the world’s finest cigars.If you’re in Little Havana and are wondering about the best things to do in Little Havana, this is definitely one of them. Here, not only will you get a chance to wander through the store, but you also get a scope to learn about the fillers used, the quality of tobacco, and the paraphernalia of aficionados firsthand.

6. Go Dancing at Ball and Chain

The recreation of the 1930s hotspot is one of the best places to visit in Little Havana. This legendary venue has preserved its charm with a smatter of classics and Cuban new-wave drinks. With Latin music performed on the pineapple-shaped stage, this place remains packed every day during the night.While evolving over the years, Ball and Chain become the regular circuit for super performers like Count Basie and Billie Holiday. The most interesting part is the original pine ceiling, which adds more to the lively establishment.The vintage culture features 2 stages, one designed for the spirited salsa dance and the other for the amazing jazz. Besides performances, culinary flavours add to the flavour with unique concoctions like the Miami Mule and Calle Ocho Old Fashioned cocktails and tapas.

7. Get a history tour with Dr. Paul George

The premiere historian, Dr. Paul George of Miami, provides a condensed version of his walking tour in Little Havana, leaving behind the Tower Theater. This is where he was raised and stayed for the last 30 years. While the walk is free, the space is limited. Not considering this a challenge, this event dazzles visitors every year.With contemporary art galleries, Dr. Paul George’s history tours have been around for several decades since the 1970’s. As a resident historian, he conducted tours to Coconut Grove, Miami City Cemetary, Art Deco District, and Little Havana.His initial Little Havana tour was part of Dade Heritage Days on a sultry Friday evening in April 1988. Today, these tours are arranged quarterly to showcase slices of the Little Havana neighbourhood and its surrounding regions.

8. Visit Domino Park

Other best things to do in Little Havana include just sitting at the corner of SW 14th Ave Calle Ocho and enjoying a cup of Cubano con Leche. The Maximo Gomez Park is a hidden gem which exudes a true sense of Latin camaraderie. This lovingly dubbed city park was designated in the year 1976 with the timeless pleasure of Domino games.Honouring Cuban legacy, this social hub gesticulates Cuban retirees to indulge in convivial chats and domino games. Players are also encouraged to support and cheer for others while absorbing the energy of the place.The most captivating mural celebrating 1994’s Hemispheric Summit of the Americas held in Miami is adorned here by artist Oscar Thomas. This unfolds the playful banter of this place.

9. Cubaocho Performing Arts Center

The cultural gem of Cubaocho embodies the remarkable collection of vintage artifacts, and the various art products appease all art lovers. This place houses pre-revolution Cuban works from the 1800s to the 1960s and a modern Cuban collection.Featuring a research library including Augustin Gainza’s unique work, ‘Cubaocho Art and Research Center,’ this place includes an impressive selection of live entertainment and prized artworks.This place was originally founded by the famous Cuban art collector Roberto Ramos. With Cuban dance and music, this place portrays the vibrant sense of the Renaissance. A cafe, bar and live entertainment double the memorabilia intent of this place.

10. Sip Juice At Los Pinarenos Fruteria

For more than 60 years, Little Havana’s fruit market has been beloved for its open-air fresh harvests. This place is a gastronomic haven that offers the best eateries in the Cuban countryside. 
Founded by Guillermina Hernandez and her late husband, Los Pinarenos Fruteria is a family-run mom-and-pop shop in Pinar del Rio, Cuba. Here, you’ll find plenty of fresh tropical fruits, succulent smoothies, vegetables, and coffee. One of the funny things people don’t forget here is to greet Chucha, the adorable Vietnamese pot-bellied pig who resides just behind this market.


All in all, Little Havana stands as a testament to the power of community, history, and culture. If you’re planning an excursion to Miami, then contact Little Havana Tours to get the best packages. Book now and uncover the neighborhood’s fascinating history with an awesome Little Havana Tour.